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my process - Step 3

Added on by Andrew Paul.

So - someone I work with at my day job has been asking me about "screenprinting" and my process, in general. Well, recently I was lucky enough to be asked to create a print for a friend who just graduated barber school, and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to create this post, and maybe explain some of what I do.  Please ask if there are any questions...


Step Three - Print!

So at this point I have 5 screens, I've cut all of the paper to the appropriate size, and I'm ready to print.

The order I'll print the colors in is - yellow, grey, blue, red, black.  I can't decide exactly on a yellow or a red, so I'll do a couple of tests.

The image above shows the 2 different shades of yellow.  I figured I'd print 2 of each, and see how they each end up.  

Next was grey -

Then blue - you can see the squeegee that is used to force the ink though the mesh, onto the paper.

then red...

and finally, black.

And here you can see the 2 different shades of yellow.  I decided to go with the lighter shade...


And that's it!  The design was the most time-consuming.  Once I had that figured out, this took 2 days to complete. The final size was just under 11"x17".


Hope this helped explain a little bit!