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my process - Step 1

Added on by Andrew Paul.

So - someone I work with at my day job has been asking me about "screenprinting" and my process, in general. Well, recently I was lucky enough to be asked to create a print for a friend who just graduated barber school, and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to create this post, and maybe explain some of what I do.  Please ask if there are any questions...


Step one - come up with an idea.

In this case, my friend's wife (who has been extremely supportive of my efforts) hired me to "make something for Eric who is graduating from barber school in december"  She threw out ideas like "a barber pole" or "barber chair", or anything else I might think of.  I definitely wanted his name on it, and wanted it to look "classic".  So, sketch after sketch, I came up with this -

And, after taking it into Illustrator and re-touching, it looked like this - 

and finally - after font and color decisions...